• Making better informed decisions

  • Garantier's social scores are calculated from searching applicants social activity online to analyse individual behaviours, relationships and attitudes compared across multiple social sites and online activity.

  • The business of online reputation management just took several giant steps forward

    Corporations which need to understand and manage risk as part of their commercial offering rely on actuarial research, averages, historical data and behavioural forecasting to predict risk, reduce risk and minimise the effect of risk.

  • Until now, however, understanding an individual’s online behaviour has been at best an educated guess using industry-standard static lists of keywords to assess social media post content. Garantier has transformed this landscape by applying academically verifiable conditions to the lists, transforming their value as predictors of behaviour and personality, and wrapping that in a fast and simple report generator.

  • Commissioned by Garantier from The University of Oxford, this enhanced set of lists applies weightings suitable for the UK market based on personality and behaviour research, delivering a significantly better result, academically verifiable at the highest levels. This better understanding of a single person more fully increases knowledge of a community, enabling more accurate forecasting of risk.

  • Garantier’s report generator is currently available for the insurance, recruitment, property and dating industries where the enhanced identity verification, behaviour analysis and personality profiling assists in preventing crime.


  • After having to deal with some undesirable tenants TenantSure helped me choose the right kind of people.

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